10 Reasons Why A VBAC Rocks

Are you planning your next birth after Caesarean and asking yourself ‘Why VBAC?’?

Based on my own personal VBAC experiences, here’s my list of reasons why I think VBAC rocks:

1. No major abdominal surgery!!
2. No trying to recover from aforementioned major abdominal surgery whilst also caring for a newborn and other children.
3. Emotional healing: for many (myself included), VBAC births are a positive step towards healing previous birth trauma.
4. Good for your baby: passage through the birth canal helps innoculate your baby’s gut with the variety of flora it needs, helps to ‘awaken’ your baby’s body and activate many of his/her physical systems ready for life outside the womb.
5. Breastfeeding is easier: no grappling with numbness, IV lines, pain or delayed milk.
6. The physical high: you know those memorable moments in the bedroom? Combine those and multiply by 100.
7. Satisfaction: knowing your body is not broken, your pelvis is not too small, your body knows how to birth, and being able physically complete the job your body has been working on for 9 months (or more, if you’re me!).
8. Up and at ’em: being able to eat, drink, walk and feel lucid within hours of delivery definitely gives VBAC an edge and facilitates early bonding with your baby.
9. Delivering your own placenta: this brings a new dimension to birth, particularly if you’ve never done this before, and can give a new appreciation of the amazing things your body can do (like growing an organ from scratch!).
10. The feeling of pushing a baby out of your body, pulling his/her slippery body up onto your chest and enjoying that moment of mutual discovery – truly, there is nothing like it.

Have you VBACed? Would you add any extra reasons to this list?